Thursday, July 26, 2007

Testimonies. M & M. On the Road Again.

The testimonies last night were amazing. Given the fact that it has been a week and a half since they've returned.... EVEN BETTER! Linc's video was definitely worth the price of buying one. All those faces... of the children there, adults there, and our own missionaries - priceless. The music - unbelievable!

"M & M" were two of Austin's sponsors. I believe they sponsored at least one other as well. They shared with Austin last night after the share time was over that they would definitely be a part of "adopt a missionary" projects again. They were so incredibly impressed with the whole thing from start to finish. Of course, realizing that with something like this just because the missionaries return home and report on what all took place, does not mean it is finished. I'm not saying they were just impressed with Austin... they have loved him since before he was even born. I think this also goes hand in hand with what hubby said in the video about having adults in individuals lives who are willing to be there for them, especially children and teens. We need more of that.

This morning a group of teens and adults set out on the road again from our local church building. Austin is on this trip. At first I wasn't so excited about him being on the road again. Yet, the teen was up and ready to go by 7:30 a.m. I think that speaks volumes about why he is on the road again. There is excitement and enthusiasm beaming from him. And no, that's not because he is Austin.

Look for more testimonies to come! If you're reading this and are thinking to yourself, "I should really share a testimony on this blog." What are you waiting for? SHARE! You don't need my permission to. Really, you don't need any one's 'cept HIS.

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