Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Skunk. Bleach. Other Random Smells.

Being the mother of three sons and the wife of one hubby..... the following are my unbiased thoughts on a few smells in our daily lives.

1) Skunk - While none of our sons or hubby is one.... there was a dead one in our neighbor's yard a few days ago. You think that smell would be gone by now. NOPE! We definitely live in the country....

2) Bleach - It can be smelled all over the house at this moment. While I am thankful that the septic tanks are able to handle laundry being done at home today.... You'd think someone could come up with a bleach that actually smells good. Oh wait.... maybe the bleach smell has more to do with having three sons and a hubby.

3) Apple pie - you can buy a candle that smells like one but frankly..... it will only make you hungry or never want to see one again. There is no in-between.

4) Eggs - hard boiled eggs are great for many things like chicken salad sandwiches, salads, deviled eggs or just with some salt and pepper..... This does not change the fact that they smell like farts.

5) Deodorant - this always works better when put under the arms. While there is much to be said for "aiming straight" when using the toilet - the same can be said for underarms.

6) Bacon - in the frying pan smells great. Baked instead...... OH MY!

7) Hairspray - I kid you not.... NO matter what anyone says..... there is one male in our household who uses more of it than I could ever come close to..... He also primps more... (*coughhubbycough*) And we all know I have way more hair...

8) Popcorn - Travman eats popcorn like nobody's business. There is a huge difference in smells when it has butter on it or not.

9) Steaks - yummmmm that's what's for dinner. What a smell......... What a treat!

10) Coffee - I think I could stand to smell some of that right now..... Green tea just doesn't smell the same....


Unbiasedly biased

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