Friday, July 27, 2007

Rain. Rainbows. Renew.

Last night the four of us (Park, Travman, hubby and myself) headed out to a big city. On the menu was dinner and some shopping. Really more than any thing else - just hanging out together. This week it has been a high priority to spend a good amount of quality time with the boys and as hubby and wife.

While out and about in the big city - the wind started blowing and sure enough - the rain started coming down. It was truly refreshing. Our eyes could not help but look at the sky in every which direction and take notice of all the different patterns in the clouds and all the shades of gray and blues around.. When coming out of one store, a man said to me, "Look at the rainbow!" One of the most gorgeous rainbows we have ever seen in all our years put together. It wasn't just one rainbow that was in the sky - it looked more like three. Vivid colors like they were freshly painted with Crayola markers.

As we were driving back to the highly secure gated community which is located in the country, we couldn't help but turn the music up high and singing ourselves silly with one song in particular as we are known to do. If you've ever been behind us while in the van - if our hands go up in the air - we are singing the words, "Can I get a witness?" The song is by Mark Shultz. It also happens to be my ring tone on hubby's phone. Which that alone cracks us up..... It was a very nice evening indeed. Oh, one thing about Travman - keep him out of stores that have kitchen gadgets. He definitely takes after his dad on that. My guys all love to cook.

This week has been a very different one for our family since moving to G-town. Long gone are the days when we lived as just one hubby, one wife, and three sons. While we live in this house - it is not ours. Our time here has truly been the most growing period of all of our lives. We are thankful and know that can only come from Him. Tomorrow, my mom and her boyfriend are due back from their vacation. We honestly know not what to expect from their journey together. We have not heard from her since she left the driveway Sunday morning. Yet, we know that this time has afforded the five of us and then the four to create some new memories as well. For that - we are thankful. As Christ-followers we should want to grow in our relationships with Him daily. As husbands, wives and children - we should make the most of every opportunity to be together whether in serious times or when out and about in the rain or sunshine.

I am thankful, O Lord, for the time to renew in all the various ways we have this week. For no matter what tomorrow brings - we know that You are always painting pictures in every crack and crease.

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