Saturday, July 28, 2007

Deaths. Living. Clean Carpets.

It struck me just a moment ago but this time last year..... in a matter of 5 weeks, there were 7 individuals who passed on. Talk about a hard, hard few weeks. As strange as it may sound, a couple of those trips to different cities/towns ended up being a far bigger blessing than I could have realized at the time. My daddy and I had real in-depth conversations about illness, death, dying, and of course real life and living.

One trip found hubby and I alone as the individual who passed on was a dear friend of ours from the church in which we had come from before. It was during this road trip that I rec'd the phone call about the possibility of starting a group for pregnant teens and single moms. It was started a couple of weeks later and shortly then after I stepped down from the ministry in which I had been on staff at. Daddy was in the hospital then. Mom had had her surgery just in the middle of August.

Daddy passed on back in November. I cannot tell you the number of deaths of individuals since then that we have known personally or have had some sort of connection to. Yet, clearly life has definitely gone on and living life honestly has never been so exciting.

Oh yeah.... The carpets are clean. The furniture has been dusted and polished. And I smell bad even though I took a shower earlier this morning. At some point this evening.... Austin is due home as is my mom and her ????????

Life in the moments yet again. God is good all the time.

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