Saturday, July 28, 2007

At A Loss For Words Part II

This morning the phone rang. It was her - the now widow of the man that died while mowing his lawn on Sunday. She asked me if I knew who she was and when I answered, "Yes, ma'am" - she then asked for the lawn pastor.

She was calling to ask him if he could come over one day this week to discuss his taking care of her lawn now that her husband is gone. She was unaware that he not only knew that her husband had passed on but the manner in which he had done so. She also did not know that the lawn pastor had indeed attended the celebration service on Thursday. While he made it a point to sign the guest register, he had mainly slipped in and out on purpose.

He shared with her that he had planned on coming over on Monday after the weekend had past to visit with her. To him it is quite natural that he would now be doing that lawn again..... but not because of the lawn itself you see. One of the reasons why hubby has the title lawn pastor is because of the time he invests in the individuals whose lawn he is taking care of. He and this woman had numerous conversations before and after during the time that he had taken care of their lawn before. It is only appropriate that they will be again now.

For while this couple are not members of the church in which we are a part or even of the same denomination affiliation... they are still family all the same.

I have no doubt that the lawn pastor will listen like no body's business and may even be at a loss for words while doing so. There are times in life when just being willing to listen is far more important than any thing one can possibly say.

Please continue to pray for this family. Their grown son found his dad on the lawn... already gone. The grandson mowed the lawn yesterday because he needed to do something. The woman is now a widow when this time last week........ she was still married and thinking there would be a tomorrow.

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