Friday, June 22, 2007

When It Rains - Get Wet

This morning the boys and I headed out to the building we call church. We were surprised how many showed up today. The van was completely full with several other vehicles loaded up as well. I was the only female in the midst of all males. Their ages ranged from 16 to 9. We talked and listened to music until we got to our destination. Where exactly I cannot say......

First there was one.... and then another.... As I sat there reading "S" a book while she was eating her lunch - her great aunt said, "Oh look. There they come." I turned to see the ones whose faces I have etched in my heart coming down the lane. They were smiling and waving. Two boys, two girls and their uncle or cousin.... sometimes the lines are blurry.

They walked over to where the boys were all standing. One by one they received their sack lunch and milk. Hugs were given and the, "I was hoping you'd be here today," were heard. I really didn't think much of the spot we had set-up in. They started taking their lunches over to where it was shady. I followed their lead of course.

I held one in my lap while she ate her lunch. She wasn't really thrilled about eating at that moment because she wanted to play with her dog.. We were after all at a park. Sitting next to us was "L".... a little tiny blond hair girl who honestly must be all of 3. I kept playing with her hair that she had put into a pony tail. She kept laughing. The boys were busy talking with another friend all the while consuming their food.

When "L" was finished eating, she looked at me and said, "Where's Parker?" I yelled at Parker who was back over still where we had been. He came running over. He let her chase him around and around again just like he has done before. He kept saying to her, "Watch where you're going little 'L'." I couldn't help but smile deeply.

Next thing we know.... it was starting to rain. First little drops and then harder. Parker kept letting her chase him. When I saw what time it was & knew we had to be heading back..... I directed the boys who with me to all load up in the van. The ones who we were leaving behind yelled out... "Thanks for getting all wet with us. We'll see you again."

For whatever reason I had really done my hair this morning before leaving for Healthy Kids. My hair was now a droopy mess. Yet..... there was laughter in these children's voices, food in their tummies, and smiles on their faces...... Some things you just can't put a price tag on.

Feed others when you have the chance. And when it rains...... get wet.

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