Thursday, June 21, 2007

Threads - It's All Connected

Looking for some resources for your church's 18 to 30 something crowd?? Or perhaps to help create a young adult ministry????

Check it out at

We must keep looking for ways to keep, reach..... and include this age range. How many walk away from the church and/or God during these years? How many who have never known His love won't walk into our churches because they think we're boring and have nothing to offer?

Surveys say that more teens leave home for college to not return to a church until they have children of their own if at all. We must do something to stop this trend.

What are you willing to do? It is all connected.


Chris Ediger said...

Thanks for the link! I think this is some of the most crucial work that the church is about today. We have to realize that what we've been doing isn't working in reaching this generation and we've failed to help twenty- & thirty-somethings realize that church, their church is relevant. I'm excited to be a part of the solution in helping churches and leaders do just that.

Chris Ediger
Threads Internet Producer

Camey said...

Thank you Chris and all there at Threads and LifeWay.

I look forward to hearing how Threads will impact lives because of those willing to make a difference. More importantly because of HIM!