Friday, June 22, 2007

Driving Hoover

My mother is currently in the living room waiting for Hoover. Her favorite color is purple.... She has earned the title "Queen"..... Hoover is going to the eye doctor today. He needs to have surgery on his eyes here soon. She is going with him because well.... that is just what they do now... and he will not be able to drive himself home.

As I was walking back into our room, I couldn't help but laugh. Even though she doesn't hear all that well..... she replied, "I know why you're laughing." I turned to her and said, "Oh? Really? Why is that?" Then she started giggling..... "Because of the whole driving thing."

You see most days my mom does not drive. She is the one who is normally driven wherever she needs to go.. Unless she can get there by golf cart or it is less than a mile from here. And yes.... most of the time we open and close the door for her.

Why was I laughing and still sitting here with this big dumb grin? And yes.... tears streaming down too..... Her driving Hoover goes to show the power ..... of that four letter word... love.

Hubby just came in and said, "You ought to see her now. It's so funny. She's ready to go." Have I mentioned before how much hubby loves his mother-in-law? Love really is that powerful.

HIS love is most powerful of any...... It can cause one to drive another any where they need to go.

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