Saturday, August 2, 2008

What Are You Willing To Risk?

"You shouldn't be here. You could get shot." This was said to our son, Austin, in the inner-city of Philly this week.

Are you willing to get shot?

How safe are you this moment?

What are you willing to risk?

Note: When asked about going back to either New York and/or Philly.... he said he'd go back to Philly in a heartbeat.

More to come!


Kevin Bussey said...

I risk often. I don't know why I just always take big risks.

Camey said...


Would agree you risk often.

Curious to "I don't know why"... hmmmmm

Know better how to keep praying for you.

bill (cycleguy) said...

I think if I was single I would risk more. When I was raising my family I was cautious. Even now that the 2 girls are gone I still tend to err on the side of caution because of my bride. Your son? He has my respect.

Camey said...


Sounds like your daughters and bride are dearly loved. Funny enough? My hubby refers to me as his bride. And we're 10 years younger than you AT least.. lol

Thanks. Austin will be seventeen in September. He's already told us what he wants for his birthday. That post is coming in the future! Gets me all misty...

M. Steve Heartsill said...

I am very proud of Austin. I was 15 when I felt called to the ministry. Many looked down on me, thinking I was too young. But, I never forgot the words of Paul to Timothy...God never looked down on my parents didn't...neither did my pastor. I had it far better than most called so young...

Austin will continue to be in my prayers!

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Hmmmm a new friend ragging on me about my age. Truth is: I am probably older than just 10 years. I am 55. My girls are 33 and 28. My bride? Well, lets just say she is just a tad older than me. (22 months) I just tell people I like older women and she liked to rob the cradle. :) Look forward to hearing about Austin's birthday decision.

Camey said...


Thank you. Greatly appreciate you sharing that part of your story as well. Couldn't ask for most individuals to be more encouraging to Austin than they are. Those that aren't do not understand how we can be excited about it.

I know we appreciate your prayers for Austin. And I know Austin does too!

Thanks again, Steve.

Camey said...


Ragging on you? Who me? ;) Yep. You are more than 10 years...we're 42 and 40. He's older. Our sons are almost 17, almost 14, and 10 going on 20.

Older women and robbing the cradle? Now - who's being funny?

Oh, I've got several posts here coming you'll be interested in reading.

1) Austin's birthday decision
2) What DOES she mean by "lifestyle missionaries?" Please note: I'm not saying 'missionary lifestyle'... Otherwise someone might think we're mormons. Nope. Nada.
3) Oh, I could go on and on..

So see.. Bill.. you're just going to have to keep reading like the others! And am I thankful for our new friendship.

Bill (cycleguy) said...

My mother told me that except for wanting to be a professional baseball player (then basketball) I never talked about being anything but a preacher. I recommitted my life to the Lord in 7th grade and decided to take God seriously. I wasn't always the best witness but always felt God's call on my life-even when I dated a girl from another faith as a Sr. in high school. But God called me away from her (yeah!) and confirmed my call to the ministry. I sense that same thing Steve did.

Yep quite a bit older than you all. How does that make me feel? Old. Both our girls love the Lord and are serving Him. Go to this blog I wrote about our oldest on her birthday (June 3)

I look forward to hearing more of your family and Austin.

Camey said...


Love to hear testimonies about how God worked(s) in the lives of others. Sounds like you've got a great family.. that you're in the Family Business - His.

Thanks, Bill. Thanks.

bryan said...

When we were in Guatemala a couple of weeks ago, we visited a church in a bad area of Guatemala City. Kids were playing outside in the streets with handguns. Thanks for the post, Camey. It reminded me of the risks my missionary friends take everyday.

Camey said...

You're welcome, Bryan. Thank you for going to Guatemala. It was a privilege to be praying for you and the others that went with you.

May those images always live with you in the moments of life/living.

Look forward to hearing more of how it wrecked you. And to what you will be willing to risk as a result... even if you stay in your Jerusalem.