Friday, August 1, 2008

What's Happening?

There is something in the air.... well, soon any way...

Peeps are coming back to G-town, Texas from Philly tonight!

Watch for testimonies from those in the know about what all has happened there this week. Seeds that were planted through Servant Evangelism... Sharing God's love through acts of kindness. Being the Word Alive... the hands and feet....

Keep praying! It's not over because the trip is ending.


Why do you have Serve! with Steve Sjogren on your new blog list? (still working on blogs to put on blog list.... lol)


Yes, it is true that I do have an article in the current edition of Serve!


Why is your article not linked on your blog?


It is.... Check out Serve! with Steve Sjogren

Just read the rest while you're there!

May you be inspired, encouraged, and challenged to SERVE! We are praying for you..


Did you really say that your son Austin could stay in Philly?


Why, yes. Yes, I did... Note: I did not mean he would not have to finish high school. He's a junior this year. He is totally surrendered to God. He is 'in the ministry' just as much - if not more so than his dad, younger bros and I. Who are we to say "Don't follow Your Real Father?" Remember... we also see him as our brother-in-Christ. We are lifestyle missionaries.. not just in vocational ministry.

Ohhh.... but last I heard he is coming back to G-town. Who knows for how long though?


When are you going to post the story about you being ill and then healed? Or is it already linked on your blog?


It's all over the blog in various posts. That will change... Thank you, Bill (cycleguy).


Let me get this straight? You were ill and then healed. Your dad was ill and then died?


Yep. He got the ultimate healing. Physical healing is only temporary!


Why do you call it "the physical church building" and not "the church"???????


Individuals are the church... not the building.

So where are YOU this moment? Who can you share God's kindness to/with this moment?

Something is in the air! It's moving... It's growing...

And may we never be the same today as we were yesterday and will be tomorrow!

Oh... and by "we" - I'm not just talking about local peeps.


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Just came back from posting on your article. I had gone there earlier but failed to see you wrote one later. Course it would help if one would read all things. DUH! I love change!

Bill (cycleguy) said...


I commented on this and it didn't show up. Unfortunately, I can't remember what I wrote! :)

Camey said...


Too funny! I just hadn't accepted your first comment yet..

I read what you posted on the article. Thank you. FYI: I do not answer comments directly on articles through Serve! Yes, there are more to come in the future.

"I can't remember what I wrote!" - How old are you again? ;)

Good to hear you love change. I'll remind you said that. lol

Thanks again, Bill.