Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The River. People in Life.

The River:

Last night Brother G, Trav, Park, and I headed down to the river. Off came the shoes and in the water we ventured. The water was crisp... It was cool. It was refreshing. It was the ticket for a great hangout amongst individuals who are nutty about each other.

After awhile of being in the water, I sat down on the bank. I smiled deeply watching Brother G teaching the boys how to skip rocks. Apparently there is a real technique to it. And pretty soon - they were making the rocks skip across to the other side. They kept watching him. He kept watching them. And I could not help but give thanks yet again for the guys in my life.

We danced and prayed..... We got wet. Then we went to the park and swung on swings. As I was laying back in the swing - looking up in the sky through the trees...... we giggled at how incredibly silly I looked. Life is so precious. Each moment to be taken in... Worship is breathing. It is inhaling God and exhaling Him back out. The song that was playing had a rhythm that only Holy Spirit can orchestrate. And it was Holy indeed especially with how bad we smelled.

People in Life:

I never know what to expect on Wednesdays. I arrive at the physical church building at 8:30 a.m. and do not leave again until 8:30 p.m. What a glorious day it turned out to be!

As I sit here thinking about how prayers were so clearly answered..... I am beyond thankful.

Cases in point:

1) There was concern that a dear friend had breast cancer. She does not!

2) A co-worker decided today to not leave. We have so much fun talking trash. She still has a hard time letting me empty my own can even after all this time. Tonight, she hugged me like never before. When I told her I love her like I always do when leaving for the night - she said, "Camey? I have never doubted your love for me. Never. Not once. You make me see God in ways that I would have never thought possible." Funny enough? I was thinking the same exact thing about her.... and without question she is just as much a dear friend as the woman without cancer. I'm thankful she decided to stay at the physical church building instead of coming here to the highly secure gated community. She is as much a part of the church as any one else. I challenge any one who thinks she is just a custodian.

3) As I was closing down the computer at the main desk in the foyer.... there he came.... running through the halls. Laughing.... and running..... and I could not for the life of me tell him to stop.

His running was a sight to see.... Literally. For not long ago - he had to use a cane to help guide him. His eyes would not. And when he realized I had tears streaming down my face from watching him - he said to me, "You understand this freedom."

And I was taken back to the river.... and to the swing...

Thank You, Lord. May I always come back to say....... thank you.

And as much as I value the physical health I have now....

It in no way compares to Jesus and to Spiritual Health....

Talk about The Real Healing.

Thank You, Lord..... Thank You.


selahV said...

I felt His Spirit in your words. thank you. selahV

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Thank you Camey for a beautiful way to begin my day. Good thoughts for me to consider as I get ready to "dive" into the Word.

Camey said...

selahv - thank you. welcome..

bill - you're welcome. may your dive into the Word be evident in your moments.. for it is Alive and Living!