Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pain. Free. The River.


A good amount of the day was spent listening to other's pain. Pain so thick you could squeeze it out like toothpaste and not reach the end of the tube. They needed my ears, shoulders, and for me to just listen. So, I did. And prayed.... prayed...... prayed.....

One thing that kept coming back time and time again with the individuals whom I've known for some time now, "Camey? You know this pain. I don't have to tell you how I feel." And while I have known and do know pain beyond deep.... there is much to be said for getting it all out. For saying, "This is how I feel." For how one handles pain, sorrow, grief, and etc..... is not necessarily the same as others... although the stages may be similar.

As I hugged one particular individual goodbye.... he said to me, "You would have to be here today. I didn't stand a chance of acting like I wasn't hurting with you looking me in the eyes." And we laughed. It was appropriate at that moment.


While I was talking with various individuals who had come into the physical church building by way of walking or phone.... Parker and Travis were with some good friends of ours giving out free water all over G-town... at the jail, the admin building, at construction sites.... all over. Sure, it was 100 degrees today. All the more reason to show God's love in such a refreshing way. Ice cold free water..... It does more than the body good.

The River:

RQM's (really quiet moments) were on tap for the evening. So, Parker and I headed down to the river... just the two of us.... We took a towel with us and sat on the edge of the water with more than just our toes in the water.... We would dig around in the water and pick up rocks. Parker would say, "Time to go deeper with the digging." And we did. Gorgeous rocks that had been hidden under the surface. He would look over at me and smile deeply. I would look over at him and think about how thankful I am to be his sister-in-Christ and his mom.

At one point he decided to get up and venture in more. With his back turned toward me - I started throwing rocks to purposefully splash him. He turned around and followed suit... And you could hear it..... the echoes of laughter in unison. We were not alone. Make no mistake about it. From the little fishes nipping at our toes.... to the sun setting on the moments of the day and night... worship was taking place just like it is now.

On the way back to where I am at this moment - it struck me.... it was just last week when Parker and I headed down to the river after I can not tell you how long ago. Funny how that happens..... All this time we've been here - it's been less than a couple of miles away tops! We can get there by car, foot, bike, golf cart, and etc....

And it is free.

Thank You, Lord.... Thank You.


bill (cycleguy) said...

Good post Camey. An ear for someone else and an ear with your son. Cool! May you be blessed with many more.

Camey said...


Thank you.