Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The River. Undeniable Encounters.

The River:

Saturday evening, Austin, Travis, Parker and I headed down to the river. This was the first time that Austin had been back from Philly since we started going to the river again. Actually, it dawned me on while we were there.... I never had gone down to this particular river with the boys until a week plus ago - my dad had always been the one. Most of the time it was because the boys were staying with my parents because I was in the hospital. As I sat there watching the boys throw rocks - I thanked God for the pain of illnesses. For even though I would have preferred for none of us to have gone down that path - I wouldn't trade that time they spent with their grandpa. And even after being healed... and all that took place with daddy before his passing... again... wouldn't trade one single moment.

The boys skipped rocks and we were laughing ourselves silly. All the sudden we heard airplanes above us. In the midst of the gentle sway of the water - we had forgotten how close we were to the private airfield in the highly secure gated community. Up above us were two small private planes. One I'm sure was coming in for a landing... the other - it kept circling above us as if it were keeping watch of the river and those in it. As the sun continued to set - the plane would get harder to see - and yet we could still hear it. It's presence was clearly known.

At one point - Travis got a little mad at Parker. He walked off for a bit..... Parker followed him. Then, Austin..... then me.... After a bit - he came back to where we had been in the river. This time was different. They didn't just get a little wet.... they actually swam in the river. I think it is more than safe to say - had Travis not gotten mad - they would have been content with only being in the water up to their knees. Funny how that works like that..... Their smiles were simply contagious and their laughter was even more infectious. And I thanked God yet again for three boys who the world said I would never have. Yes, that's another part of my/our story..

As we were starting to talk about how dark it was getting outside... we all stood in the river and held hands and Austin prayed out loud. For even though I am their mother - it is not always necessary for me to do so. The music could be heard as we were linked together hand and hand... age to age... 40, 16, 13, and 10. I must confess - it was hard to leave the river. I wanted to capture the moment and savour it. I did take pictures and video. They will stay as just ours for now.

Parker took my hand as we started back to the van. He kept looking at me and smiling deeply with that red hair of his looking more like an apple than a pumpkin pie like it does at times. He'd tell you it's auburn.... We sang as we headed back to where I am now. We worshipped our Real Father. And even after I had pulled in to the garage...... we sat in the van and kept worshipping. Austin and I had tears in our eyes. A moment even Kodak could not capture fully and no Visa card could carry an amount so great.

Undeniable Encounters:

Without question, there have been numerous undeniable encounters the last few months. Some if I were to share with you..... you'd call me absolutely crazy. And that would be more than okay with me. For one thing my Real Father has shown me time and time again.... all I have to do is be available to be used. Sharing His love is easier than baking cookies or giving away free water. It also can include how one answers a phone or greets that visitor walking in to the door of a place they never thought they would venture. Or the person standing in line behind them getting coffee or a Happy Meal. I pray, you, dear reader, hear that with an open heart.

Tonight was the sharing time for those who went on the trip to Philly at our physical church building. That's why I've been waiting to post testimonies here since their return....

So, first up is Austin. Warning... he can be long-winded like his dad and mother. But I pray you'll see our Real Father in his every word.

And you have been prayed for wherever you are found this very moment.


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Look forward to hearing more of "your" story Camey. I certainly want to hear Austin' matter how long-winded he may be. :) So...will it be posted here or under his name?

And thanks for praying for me. Back at ya.

Camey said...


Thank you. For an insight to Austin - last year in school he wrote a 3,000 word essay simply because he wanted to. He has written here on Life in the Moments before - although it's been quite a while now. He'll write his own post under his name if my computer doesn't geek out on him. (I'm on hubby's currently. It's off limits to the boys. It's younger! Mine is 5 years old and has been used hard. lol)

You're ever so welcome, Bill. Thank you my brother in Christ and friend.