Friday, June 27, 2008


Rumor #1:

I hear the students will be back around 6:00 p.m.

Answer: True. Can't wait to see those smelly faces and hug the heck out 'em and see how God rocked their worlds!

Rumor #2:

Brother G was seen working at Wal-Mart today.

Answer: Also true! In addition to being The Lawn Pastor ... he's now The Wal-Mart Pastor too. See a pattern??? (He's a stocker.. not a stalker.. watch the spelling please people.) Stay engaged where you are at and be prepared to leave brings on whole new meaning yet again.

Rumor #3:

The students were challenged in last night's sermon to stay on their mission trip even after it is over.

Answer: True! I know because I was listening live via their website! As a parent with a son going on a mission trip here soon - it's okay with me if he does not return because he has been called to stay there. Yes, I just said that out loud (well, sort of). He's not mine to keep any way..

Rumor #4:

There are items needed for VBS still.

Answer: True! Remember folks.... we're looking to have hundreds kiddos here at the physical church building that week. Some of which we're connecting with through Healthy Kids currently. (Over 600 plus free lunches have been served since the 5th of June.)

Rumor #5:

It will be hard to top the motorcycles from last year. What are they going to pull out of their hats for this one?

Answer: That was off the charts! And true... very true. I have no clue - even if I did...... shhhh

There ya have it folks.

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