Thursday, June 26, 2008

Praying in the Spirit. Noticing Others.

Yesterday morning before leaving for the physical church building - I had been praying in the Spirit. A "open my eyes - help me see what You see.... make me not be able to be comfortable" type praying. This is a part of my very breathing... For someone who is as shy as I am - the type of ministry I've been called to requires more from me than I am able to do or give on my own. I depend greatly upon Him to guide me. Otherwise - sitting behind this desk is good with me. That's why it demands surrendering every single day. Again praying in the Spirit....

Please be aware - this next part may offend some. Others will be able to laugh with me and understand my gratitude.

I threw down my dinner. I was so hungry that I did not really take the time to eat slowly. Really had not eaten that well during the day so was ready to chow down. Totally forgetting that I do not eat broccoli and cauliflower in such situations. It tasted so good though!

So, on my way to make a hospital visit.... Gas and burping became a passenger. Shortest hospital visit I have ever made! I headed back to the physical church building to hide out until Parker was ready to leave.

I was sitting at my desk upstairs when she walked by...Her head was hanging down low. There was sadness and despair written in her overall body language. She did not notice me at first but then turned around and looked directly at me. I motioned to her to come on in...

She tried to act as if nothing was wrong at first. Then I asked her, "Tell me why the despair?" She looked at me as if she realized I knew any way... and then poured.... and poured.... out.

This is one time when I can say that gas was a blessing. Praying in the Spirit often brings about opportunities to truly notice others. I was not able to immediately solve her problems. But sometimes - just knowing someone will listen and then actually does is food for the body and soul.

Please pray for this woman and her circumstances.

Please pray also for the woman in the hospital as well.

Although I would beg to say that they both were in one.


Anonymous said...

Catharsis (sp?) is a good thing. I've found that the pastoral care I've engaged in at least gives that much of a release to those whom I minister to. Now, on top of that is totally God.

I'm glad that you've the eyes to see, and ears which to hear with. I seem to have blinders on for some reason. :(

Tim Dahl

Camey said...


I am thankful you decided to leave a comment.... You have been and will continue to be lifted up in prayer.

Maybe it is worth exploring why you seem to have blinders on? We have to be willing to ask ourselves (and of God) those hard questions. What's keeping me from seeing as He wants? Sometimes it is rather simple. Others it takes some real digging. The seasons of highs and lows and in-betweens. They truly are just as much a part of living life in the moments.

Again, I'm thankful for your comment. And for the privilege of listening and praying for you.