Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh Those Men.....

This afternoon I was reflecting back over the day thus far...... I could not help but smile deeply. Let me explain why...

The G family is incredibly blessed to have some amazing men in our lives. Some having been around since I was a little girl - others having really known only for a few months now. One thing is a common thread amongst these men.

Shortly before leaving the physical church building, one stopped me and put his arms me and hugged me tight. And I hugged right back. We do not always agree but that does not stop us from loving each other richly. If you've ever heard me talk about "The Ten Men"... he is one of them. Brother G walked up shortly after and this man said, "Hey Man! I'm praying!" And laughter erupted as only can between individuals who are so connected. Brother G knowing that I had shared with this man something we've been discussing and praying about and seeking God's face on. This man almost always says to me, "I love you kid." And without question - we love him and his wife.

Another man was opening the doors for individuals. As he was finishing for the morning, he walked over to me and hugged me. For as long as we've known one another - the majority of my life now... he has started off conversations with me by asking, "So? How's Camey today?" Today was no different. We share life's ups and downs and have seen each other through some of the best of times and worst. Again, we do not always agree but that does not stop us from loving each other richly. And without question - we love him and his wife. And yes, he is another one of "The Ten Men."

Over the course of the last couple of weeks in particular.. Brother G and I have been getting to spend real time getting to know Pastor Mark.. Mark. I've been asked what are my thoughts and opinions of him. That always strikes me as funny actually. This morning's sermon was an example of why there is no doubt Mark already holds a tender place in our hearts... He shared about how only God completes any person. About how we are to seek God's face and not only His hand. He was wearing this dumb smile because he is so excited about going to camp with our students this week. Why it is called a "dumb smile" is beyond me because it really is rather smart.

Earlier this morning I wrote about another very special man in our lives.... Again... One common thread....

They are some of God's men. God loves them. They love God. And because of that... they invest in the lives of others. Giving what they do not have on their own but must rely on God for.

So, I issue this challenge for any man reading this.... Consider the following:

What do individuals say about you?

Do you invest in the lives of others because of God's love for you and yours for Him?

In this day and age... it is vitally important for men to step up to the plate and get off the sidelines or the couch.

Are you now.... will you be.... One of God's Men?

Are you ready to go where no man can truly go alone?

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