Monday, June 23, 2008

It's A Funny Monday.

It is not even noon here in G-town. (might be by the time I'm finished. lol)

What a funny Monday....

By 8:15 a.m.:

A gang of 88 peeps left out of the physical church building parking lot heading for Student Life Camp in LA. Two of those peeps are mine and Brother G's sons - Austin and Travis. Talk about excited! Too dang funny. They didn't have to hug their mama goodbye before getting on the bus because we're a hugging family daily anyway.

There are a few individuals that I have purposefully been investing time in the last couple of months especially. Some are also on that bus. I asked the one with the name written on my prayer band how could I be specifically praying for her this week.. Her response... "That I would have the courage to share my faith with others." Oh my.... what a privilege to pray that kind of prayer. Please join me won't you?

Another individual on the bus I've requested prayer for numerous times before from various individuals/circles. She is not happy about being on that bus. She may be smiling but she is not happy. Brother G, myself, her grandparents and etc... cannot wait to see what God has in store for her this week. It is no coincidence she is on that bus. Yes, of course, please pray for her.

Please pray for all those adults and students. Pray also for their families back in G-town. May God truly rock lives this week! May they be shaken and stirred and poured out!

11:30 a.m.:

I was arranging for more time for the young woman and baby to stay where they had been moved to on Friday. Shortly afterwards - she tells me her news.. She has found a place to stay with a friend. That friend has a relative who is willing to loan her an extra vehicle they have to get back and forth to the new job she just got on Friday. She was beyond grateful to our church body.... and hopefully we'll see her for dinner and Bible study on Wednesday night if not before. Yes, keep praying for her and her baby.

Parker and I had made a delicious homemade lunch of three cheese grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup with bacon. We cooked together and then totally chowed down together. Yummy!

Brother G has called a few times from the physical church building... He's working on website stuff this morning and eating lunch with a fun bunch of peeps. Funny enough? More knocking this morning from a different church than last week. We kind of thought maybe that one had gone past us... Goes to show... Seeking God's face!! And yes, we believe in being open about the fact that his resume is out and about. We're prepared to stay in G-town or to leave... staying fully engaged and yet prepared to move. THAT is only possible with HIM!

All day today:

It's Shelley's birthday! Yes, she purposefully planned to be gone to camp! That right there is someone who cares more about the students than being pampered.... lol We love you Shelley! We are exceedingly blessed to call you our sister in Christ, dear friend, and our sons' student minister (along with Ryan.. except the sister part... lol)

Right now:

I'm closing this puppy down. That writing assignment has my name on it. And I am counting my blessings for the privilege of being able to write about how prayer and serving truly go hand in hand.

OH... and yes.... lest I get in trouble again for not mentioning it... It has been 5 years now since I was completely healed physically. My gratitude for that goes without saying. May I never forget what it was like to be fed, bathed, and etc.... Somehow, I know I won't. My HOPE is in the Great Physician ALONE... otherwise - I should still be paralyzed from the neck down waiting to take my last breath.

And you've been prayed for wherever you are at this moment! Thank you for that privilege.


Kevin Bussey said...

Does this mean you are stopping the blog? I hope not.

Camey said...

Nah, Kevin. Just for that moment.. well, actually a few moments after that. lol

Thanks for the encouragement!