Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Naked. I Gotta Go Potty.

I'm often asked why I get such a kick out of working the front downstairs desk on Thursdays and Fridays....

You know the old, "Why on earth would anyone want that job?"

The widow ladies are going on a day trip today.

"I'm naked."

"I gotta go potty."

These things have already been said to me this morning while at this desk.

The one lady was seeking my help because she had forgotten her earrings. Therefore, she was naked by her definition of the word and circumstance.

The other ladies all saying, "I gotta go potty" took the time to then explain to me the necessity of going to the potty before going on a road trip.

There ya go... Just a couple of reasons why. Laughter simply abounds!

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