Monday, May 12, 2008

Not So Random Thoughts.

This morning Brother G and I spent some time in the big city. Driving there it seemed like forever ago that we started on this journey called surrendered to God - to ministry. The year was 2004 to be exact... today it seems like yesterday in some ways. Funny how that happens.

While in the big city, I got to spend some time with one of my girlfriends. She did not know that I was coming today. I did not know if I would catch her at work or not. She and I sat down and really talked. Not the plastic talk..... really talked and shared. We prayed together. And when it was time for me to go..... "I love you girl" was exchanged between us and totally meant/felt.

This is a person that I did not know before being surrendered to God... to ministry... yet, today, this moment, I cannot imagine life without her. We've been through some life's toughest moments together even when miles apart. Funny how that happens.

On the way back from the big city to the highly secure gated community out in the country.... I could not help but think of this journey...

and give thanks! That's God...... Funny how He works like that.

It Is Well With My Soul

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