Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dedicated To Pastorless Churches.

"Dear Mr. G________,

The Pastor Search Committee of ________________ has been provided your name/resume as a possible candidate for pastor. We are praying that our search will be directed by our Lord as we seek His direction in these matters. For now, we are in the initial stages of our task and are in the process of gathering several bits of information from our local church members.

At this point, we simply desire to acknowledge we have received your name. If you would prefer that we not consider you as a prospect for pastor, please send us a note to remove your name from our search.

We pray God directs you in all you do in service to Him.


Chair, Pastor Search Committee"

This letter was well received by Mr. G (aka Brother G - hubby) and our family. We are so grateful that this church, through their pastor search committee, took the time to make us aware of receiving his name and resume. It could be a form letter. It still represents the type of courtesy that is welcomed on this side of the envelope.

If you are a part of a church body that is pastorless - please consider using a letter such as this.

The G family is praying not only for the church body where the letter was received from but all who are going through a time of seeking God's will.


Tony Kummer said...

Excellent. I know many friends from Seminary who are looking for their first ministry placement and this kind of follow up is very rare.

Camey said...

Definitely agree Tony. It is excellent and very rare. Growing up, my dad was a part of a pastor search committee more than once. He always insisted that a letter such as this be used. There were even times when he actually made phone calls to the individuals if something about their resume triggered another church's name he thought they might be a better fit with. So, I guess you could say I grew up expecting that to be the norm never realizing that it was not.

Fast forward to now.. Opposite side of things - here's my hubby looking for his first pastorate. He's an intern at our church but is only 21 hours away from finishing seminary with his MDiv. We've got three sons ages 16, 13 and 10. Letters like this speak well of a church not only to the potential pastor and his spouse, but also to his sons. Afterall, it's not just the pastor who potential comes to that church.

Thanks again Tony! Happy Mother's Day to your wife.

Anonymous said...

"As for us? We are moving somewhere - just not sure where at the moment. Will need place to live, jobs, and etc."

Praying for wherever you are moving to and whatever you will be doing there. Yay for you!!

Pete Wilson said...

Great point. I think this is very important. I don't know that we have always done a great job of this but I pray that we will continue to do better!

Praying for you guys during your search.

Camey said...

Anonymous: Thank you for your prayers. On the words you shared in quotes.... while they are mine - clearly I know who owns them. For life's moments are about Him and having faith to go wherever He leads and doing whatever He calls us to.

Pete: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Praying for you in the decisions you're needing to make. Thank you for praying for my husband, myself and our three sons.