Thursday, May 15, 2008

Godly Guy and Men!

Yesterday, as Austin and I were heading to the physical church building, he told me that he wanted to take me out to lunch. He purposefully had not packed a lunch so he could take his mom on a date. I could not help but smile deeply.

The place in which we ate was having a rather difficult time. They clearly were understaffed. And yet, that just gave Austin and I more time to spend together talking. One thing I've come to know about that sixteen-year-old son of Brother G's and mine..... he is praying guy! So, he offered to pray and much to this silly woman's delight - he thanked God for the opportunity to spend time with his mom talking. The rest of what he prayed I'll leave between God, Austin, and myself.

Austin is a hard working guy as well. That's one of the reasons why he gets real joy out of giving to others like his mother. And yet, another thing that I've come to know about that sixteen-year old son of Brother G's and mine..... his first fruits always go to God. He is, as The Old Man says, "an hilarious giver." He is a Godly guy. He is surrendered to God.... to ministry. And I am thankful beyond words.

Speaking of The Old Man.... last night we had a reception for him at the physical church building. As I served individuals as they came through the line, I could not help but overhear some of what was being said to him and by him. It is clear that in his short time with us as interim pastor - he is/was loved dearly. Sure, he stomped on many many toes. But, let me tell you one thing I know about The Old Man, he loves God.... he loves people.

After it was over, The Old Man told me to stay put. That he would be right back. I didn't have to ask where he was going. I knew. He was going to tell our students thank you and that he loves them. No question they are thankful for him and love him too. And, just as he said, he was right back to me.... and hubby.

Another thing I can say about The Old Man..... he is an encourager. He wrote all our staff handwritten letters. Every single one including custodians and maintenance - after all, they are just as important. The Old Man is also a hugger. No wonder he and I get along so well. He hugged me and then looked at Brother G and I and said some thing that we will not forget... We will carry it with us daily just like the words he said in his letter to us.

There's one Godly man that no words could ever do justice to in my eyes. I am blessed beyond measure to call him my husband and best friend. I am thankful for the moments we share whether in good times or bad or in-between. He is a man after God's own heart. He loves me like Christ loves the church. And if I never receive another blessing this side of heaven - I am blessed beyond measure and richer than priceless.

Thank you Austin, The Old Man (aka Pastor, Dr. Richard Jackson), and hubby.

Thank You O Lord for these Godly guy and men.


Kevin Bussey said...

You know hand written notes are cool. I wrote Rick Warren a thank you note back in 2000 for the PDC conference I attended and told him I was planting a church. He actually wrote me a hand written note telling me to go for it. I still have that note.

Cool story about your son. I love Dr. J. I used to watch him on TV when I was struggling with my call to ministry back in the early 90's. Then I heard him speak in person at SWBTS.

I pray your spiritual warfare is getting better. Ours is the same if not stronger.

Camey said...

Very cool indeed. Thankful that Rick was of encouragement to you then that it still impacts you this moment.

Thanks. I am grateful that Pastor Jackson was used during such a time as that in your life. One thing about him in person - he does not just stand behind a pulpit. That man moves! I'll be sharing more about our story with him over the moments... How God has used that man in our lives!

Thank you again for your prayers. And we will keep praying for you/yours.