Friday, May 16, 2008

Tender Moments. More Godly Men.

Bob the Tomato was present yesterday at our physical church building. I just had to smile and laugh deeply as he walked down the hallway in the preschool wing to where the Moppets were. When he was finished, he came back and talked with me for a while. Bob's real name is Bob. And we've been connected for many many years now. His daughter was in my last Bible study class. How God used her then... and yesterday.

Because of Debra, Bob was at the physical church building wearing a Bob the Tomato shirt. His grand-daughter even calls him that. Watching Bob, because of his love for Debra and his grand-daughter, was beyond tender. Bob and I talked about our years and various individuals we're connected to. Some we agree upon... others... we've agreed to disagree on since we do not know each individual in the same ways. Bob is a Godly man. And I am thankful to call him my brother in Christ. I am thankful for his wife, his daughter, and grand-daughter. Their love for him is evident beyond words. And yet, I know it is because of his love for God that it rings so true.

The Younger Man arrived yesterday. As he walked in the front doors, I had the untold privilege of welcoming him as he said, "I'm looking for a church home." We hugged and the conversation flowed as if we've known each other for years. One thing I can say about Mark... Pastor Mark... is that he loves the individuals from where he came, and yet, he already has a love so deep for those where he is at now. He is a Godly man whom I know God is going to use not only inside the walls of our physical church building but outside... He already is.

Spending time with these two Godly men reminded me yet again about the moments of life... One man, I've known for years... the other... I have not... Our connections to each other go beyond the walls of any physical church building, city, or time. The Real Connection is the one that matters most. It is the one that makes us family.

The Spiritual Warfare is still thick and deep. The Younger Man said one Friday night not long ago, "Satan is not going to be happy." He was right.

Another thing about Godly men - they know that their Father knows best. Better than they do.... And He is stronger than any thing that can come our way.

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