Sunday, February 3, 2008

Life's Moments Continue II

This morning my cell rang. It was hubby. He and Austin had just passed a wreck on their way to the physical church building. He couldn't make out the person's face - too much blood. I started praying.... on my knees praying....

A few minutes later... my cell rang again. This time a name was attached to the person's face and the fact that she had to be care-flighted to a hospital in the big city. My prayers from earlier made sense now. I had prayed specifically for her... for her husband, children, family and friends. Her... I knew she had a husband, children, family, and friends. I just knew...

In Life's Moments Continue... , I talked about one of my prayer partners. It was her who was now needing my prayers. As I sit here thinking of her..... I can see her smile. I can see her eyes. I can feel her hand in mine as we've been there with each other through the thick and thin of life's moments especially through prayer. Some times together... others miles a part. Still connected.

I ask you to join me in praying. Her name is Sylvia. She is Jon's wife. The Cranny and Julie's mom. And a dear friend to countless individuals. She loves Jesus.

I also ask you to consider the following.....

How do you respond when His Spirit prompts you?

Do you trust and obey? or do you merely say, "No, not today."

I believe in the power of prayer.

And you.... yes, you.... have been prayed for this moment.

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