Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dream. Prayers. Nineveh. Note.

In 1997, I had a dream. I was pregnant with a boy whose name was Parker.

On February 2nd, 1998 - that dream became a reality. Our third son was born. Parker Reed.

His arrival to us was too early... 2 months early.. and yet no doubt it came as no surpise to God.

Numerous prayers were prayed as he clung onto life. Blue in color. Lungs not fully developed yet. Transported to another hospital in another city from his mother in an effort to save his life.

10 years later.... You would never know he had been born a premie.. His intelligence keeps us on our toes frankly. He uses words like "fathom" and "probability" like his mother uses "......."

His overall health - not a thing wrong with him like the doctors thought would be. Thank You Lord!

At dinner one night at a Dairy Queen when we were in East Texas, I asked the boys a question.... "Where is your Nineveh?" Their dad had just preached on it.

Parker responded, "The school bus." The next day - when his dad went to pick him up from school, Parker was not there.

After calling the school bus - it was clear... Parker was in his Nineveh.

He has said he will ride that school bus unless there is some specific reason he needs to be picked up. He no longer has a reason himself.

He is on mission.

Parker had a student teacher (in her 80's) one day this week. She sent a note that said in part:

"Parker was such a help today! He is so courteous, generous, willing, and kind."

Thank You Lord for Parker and his life thus far.

A Grateful Mother and Parker's sister in Christ


bryan said...

Parker sounds wonderful...a real blessing from the Lord!

Camey said...

Thanks Bryan. He is.