Monday, February 4, 2008

Prayer Requests For Various.

1) Please pray for a man who is 46 and in the hospital on life support. He has had 2 kidney transplants over the years and now it is failing again, he has a bacteria infection throughout his body, gout, inflammation of the pancreas, and the doctors told them he will NOT survive. They are trying to keep praying and hoping for the best, but it is difficult when everybody at the hospital says there isn't any hope. He has 3 kids ages 10,12,& 14. (from a spacer and local)

2) Please pray for James' dad (little store and local body). He is having a quad. bypass right now. James is unable to be with him.

3) Please pray for a family dealing with issues regarding a child. (email)

4) Please pray for a family regarding an adoption. (email)

5) Whatever is on your heart this moment....

Our prayers may not be answered how we want and/or when...

Real HOPE is only found in Him.

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