Sunday, January 27, 2008

Life's Moments Continue...

Thank you for all the prayers and messages in regards to our EPR. While we would like to be with him in person - by his side..... life's moments continue.....

Yesterday morning as I drove the 25 minutes or so to get to the place where the retreat was being held... I just knew I was going to be receiving some kind of information during the time I was to be speaking/teaching.. As some say, "Camey's weird like that." (I'll take being weird like that....) What? I did not have a clue..

Sure enough.. I had said maybe two sentence when hubby started texting me about his brother. I told the women I simply had to stop right there and pray or I would not be able to move on. Meanwhile back in G-town, one of my prayer partners was walking. It came upon her to pray right then for me and for whatever was going on. That's what can happen when individuals know each other so deeply through honest communication, prayer, and are open to the Spirit's moving.

The title was "Overcoming Depression"..

The description - "Open dialogue on a subject facing so many Christians today. Time to stop sweeping it under the rug and be the church HE has called us to be."

I shared with the women there the story about how I was not scheduled to work the day that Janie called the physical church building to speak to me about the retreat. And yet there I was answering the phone. I had been called to fill in for another staff member. Janie had a list of things she knew I could speak/teach on.. but what she really wanted to know was could... would I do depression. Funny enough? Depression is in part what brought us to G-town in 2005. My mother has been diagnosed with clinical depression since I was a little girl. She had been crying out to the Lord for help. She could no longer live with daddy by herself due to his declining health and ultimate passing on. Depression does not just affect the person who is depressed. It affects all they are in contact with in one form or another.

It was clear that the Spirit was moving amongst us. Women who had never said to anyone that they suffered from it currently or in the past or a family member did were raising their hands. Church staff members from all over were saying, "Yes. I'm depressed. I've been too afraid to let others know. I'm a Christian. I'm supposed to be happy all the time." I'm so grateful that the dialogue was indeed open. It was in fact raw and beyond real. And I could feel the prayers of all whom had been praying and were praying. "Happy all the time?" Can you show me in His Word where it says that please?? Anyone??

One thing that I shared about my mother was that even though she does indeed take medication for it.. she also prays and reads her Bible every single morning. That is just as vitally a part of her treatment as any pill she might ever take... or not.. She belongs to the Lord. And He does take care of her.... even if we do not always understand how that all works.

Like I told the women, when I speak/teach... I do not do all the talking... I want and expect those with me to participate. That is a part of hearing, learning, taking it all in, absorbing it so that it can take residence and then be lived out... poured out... I also shared one other important fact at the end of our time together....

I am an exceedingly shy person. Camey... the person is shy.... What anyone reads, hears, and/or sees is not me... on my own... it is the Lord at work in and through me. The Spirit alive and breathing as one dear woman said to me afterwards. Wow.... Talk about being speechless at that... It dumbfounds me still...

This morning... I shared with my mom where I had been and what I had spoken and taught on. As she laid in her bed .... tears filled her eyes and started rolling down her checks. The subject was not overcoming depression.. as in ten steps and poof it's gone. As in snapping ones fingers. It was in overcoming the stigmatism that still exists today all these years later in the church...

People = church.

Part of being the church HE has called us to be is to take off those blasted masks.

For underneath them is beauty amongst the ashes.

And if HE can see every single part of us and loves us enough for Calvary....

Long suffering should not be some thing we Christians try to deny and sweep under the rug.

Life's moment continue... Are you hungry for Him this moment?

Are you crying out to Him and knowing it is only in Him that you can go on?

That does not make you weaker... It makes you strong in His strength.. No matter what the world says.

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