Saturday, February 9, 2008

"Whatever It Takes."

That statement is being heard in and throughout our local church staff and body.

Whoever said that it is impossible to implement the kind of improvements needed should have been a fly on the walls of the physical church building the last couple of weeks. Things are moving fast; definitely bathed in prayer first!

It is no secret that Brother G and I love our church. These improvements have been a part of our prayers since first coming to this local church body in 2005. I know we are not alone in prayers being prayed for years for our body to catch on fire for the Lord and His kingdom. That it would stop being a country club. (Yes, I just said that in print. Many of you know we've said that to your face even.)

It is wonderful to watch the local church body rise for Christ. To stand up and say, "Count me in on whatever it takes." Yes, it does indeed get us more than misty.

When we stop to think that there is no price we can pay that can compare....

Whatever it takes should come as free as His love, mercy, and grace.

If it is truly in and through Him alone and not of our own strength.

Brother G and I are on our knees and ready to move.....

Are you living proof today of whatever it takes? Are you ready to be counted?

Would you clean a toilet if it needed it? Or hold a baby? Or give up your seat?

May "Whatever It Takes" become our motto for living as Christ-followers.

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