Friday, October 5, 2007

Words. Hearts. Search. Action.

Every week, Parker, has various things he is required to do with his spelling words. This week part of the assignment included making a word search for the following words:

  1. beautiful
  2. correction
  3. factors
  4. lately
  5. peaceful
  6. spotless
  7. vacation
  8. business
  9. current
  10. grid
  11. loveable
  12. punishment
  13. suddenly
  14. weather
  15. coastal
  16. education
  17. happiness
  18. ocean
  19. reachable
  20. tides

As I was looking over the words.... various things came to my mind with each one. Some that will actually require action now. Thank you Mrs. Willingham.

What about you?

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