Wednesday, October 3, 2007

City Lights. Dark Sky. Worship.

The city lights were bright last night as we headed into the big city to see HB. He is back at the Heart Ctr.

When we first arrived, HB was a little busy. E, the man taking care of him for the night, started telling us what all was happening to HB. He hadn't gotten far when he suddenly said, "You are a daughter right?" We told him that we are like family as well as hubby being one of his pastors. He walked into HB's room and said, "D & Camey are here. Is it okay if I tell them about you?" H said, "You bet." He came back out and continued to share. We walked down to the family waiting room where we stayed until E came to get us.

Upon walking into HB's room, I went up to his bed... leaned over and kissed him on the check. He grabbed my arm and then my hand and said, "Man, I've missed you two." I continued to hold his hand while E was doing various things to him. We listened as HB talked. He knew why we hadn't been around and told us how sorry he was for the loss of Dennis. We then sat down beside his bed.... hubby on one side... myself on the other... We had just missed his precious wife.

We visited with HB for a good while. Then, as we were getting ready to leave.... we held hands and started praying together. E walked into the room and stood by the door as we were praying. When hubby said, "Amen." - E said it too. E is an Aggie... HB is too.... Life is funny at times even when they are serious. Hubby and I each hugged HB and kissed him on the forehead. And of course, "I love you." was said amongst us. Like I've said before..... we do not agree with HB on every single subject and yet there is a love so deep that it can only be explained because of HIM.

As we started on the way home..... soon the city lights were gone and there was nothing but dark sky... That's what happens when you live in the country.... Hubby and I talked some and then started listening to the radio. Every now and then..... there were lights..... Yet, mostly darkness.... Funny how the sky can go from being various shades of blues, whites, yellows..... and then blacks... grays..... Hmmmmm...

As we drove the hour back home..... We worshipped. We sang. We praised God.... For even when there is rain that falls down on our lives.... there is this hope that surpasses any understanding. There is this peace that no matter what the next moment holds..... He holds it all in His hands.

Like Pastor Mike said on Monday during Dennis' celebration service.... Faith. Hope. Love.

Where do you stand with each of these? Are they evident in the moments of your life?

And do you know His Amazing Grace?

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