Thursday, October 4, 2007

Eyes. Ears. Feet. Hands.

This morning Parker had an eye doctor appointment. I drove to the school to pick him up. We had the most in-depth fascinating conversation as we drove into town. To say that he makes me think is putting it mildly.... He may only be nine.. but he can make his mamma's head spin due to his wisdom and knowledge..... most importantly... his love for God and therefore, others.

While we were at the eye doctor, each one who was with us took time to explain what they were doing and why. They could tell that he was truly interested in learning. I could tell, as could they..... he was paying very close attention to what they were saying. For the most part, he could repeat the information back - if you were to ask him. Not just for the sake of repeating it but because he had truly grasped it.

After it was determined that he, in fact, does need glasses.... we walked over to where the frames were kept. He only had to try on two pairs before we found the ones that truly looked like they belong as a part of Parker. Remember... the boy does have auburn hair... (shhhh it's also red.) He then said, "One reason why I am excited about having glasses is that I won't have to sit in the front of the class to see the board. Someone else who needs it more than I do can have that spot. I'll gladly sit in the back." He thanked the young woman who had been helping us and told her he looked forward to seeing her again when it was time to pick up his glasses. She just smiled at him.... and then at me.

Parker's dad and I had told him this morning not to take a lunch to school today. We weren't sure he would be returning to school based off what he might need done at the appointment. So, when we were finished and he was able to return to school after all.... we decided to go on a quick lunch date first. We went to the place we like to go together and ordered our food. He looked at me and took our cups... He then said, "Mom? What can I get you to drink?" He proceeded to get my drink and his along with putting the straw in each one, and also getting napkins and ketchup. He told me to go ahead and sit down.... He then offered to pray and made sure to include those who had just helped him at the eye doctor's office to be able to see better while he was holding his mother's hand.

When I walked Parker back into the school and had taken care of business in the office.... we started down the hallway.... he was going to go one direction.. and I another.... He stopped.. and walked back to me and kissed me on the lips right there in the middle of the main entrance.

As I sit here with the quiet of the house... just the slight hum of hubby's laptop computer.... I cannot help but be beyond thankful.... for some of what Parker and I were talking about on the way to the eye doctor appointment was.....

It is important to hide Scripture in your heart... and let it permeate your life.

The Word is Alive...... Where do you need to be eyes, ears, feet and hands?

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