Friday, September 7, 2007

On Growing Up...

This morning Austin and I had another bonding experience. Since he officially turned 16 yesterday, it is time for the all important step of getting his first real paying job. He called or email the individuals that he hoped would be references for him. Upon their agreement, he filled out his first application. (real mommy moment there... shhh don't tell him I said that. lol)

He proceeded to get himself ready and looked rather sharp. (no, I'm not the slightest bit biased. just speaking the truth according to his mom.) We drove up to the place in which he hopes to work. Since he does not have his license or permit - I got to drive. Sorry, Austin. Good thing I have had a change of plans today work wise... Oh wait, being Austin's chauffeur still is one of my jobs at the moment.

We walked in and spoke to the various managers that were present. Austin will be meeting with the store manager again on Monday to see what they can work out. It is okay for a parent to go with their *cough* child... when asking for and/or turning in their first application. After that... all bets are off unless otherwise directed.

Overall, it was a very positive experience. I'm sure one of these days, Austin, will enjoy sharing how he handled his mommy's growing up days.

Thanks, Austin, for holding my hand. It's easy to look up to you... Oh, wait. I have to any way given your height. Can someone explain to me again HOW that happens?

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