Monday, September 3, 2007

Pool. Thunder. Teacher. Her.

The younger boys and I went to the highly secure gated community club pool for one last time this afternoon. After today.... the pool is officially closed for the summer. This summer has definitely been different as far as the pool goes. Why?

Thunder..... Yep. We had only been there a short time AGAIN today... when THAT all too familiar sound was heard not only by yours truly here but by Ben - the main lifeguard. "EVERYBODY OUT OF THE WATER." Good bye pool for the summer. Thank you to all the lifeguards who came every time the pool was open even though it seemed to have been closed more so than not due to the thunder/rain. That is Texas weather for you.. especially THIS summer.

I ran into the little store and walked down to where the bread is kept. There was this woman standing there. She looked at me. I knew immediately who she was but since today is a holiday and school just started... I wasn't going to say a word to her. She turned around and then said, "I know I know your face. I just can't remember which child you belong to." When I told her I was Park's mother.... she began to smile. (Note: THAT'S always a good thing as a parent!) She talked about what an old soul he is... Funny... She has a good handle on him already. We had a good but short conversation... Parker just smiled when I told him who was in the store.... He and Trav were sitting in the van eating lemon chills. They had been on sale in the teen room as we were leaving the pool... Ahhhhh the end of summer.

When walking up to the check out line... I saw her behind the cash register. I've posted about her before. She is a teen, pregnant and yes... of course... single. I asked her how she was doing and we talked for just a bit. She remembered me from the couple of times before. She looks so tired. I know some of it is the strain of standing on her feet all those hours. Yet..... well... that's enough said for now... Please continue to pray her. For while she knows who I am and about the group..... there is that fear of judgement... That's not something she has to worry about with me or the others in the group. That's not my job or theirs...... Please continue to pray for her. Our arms truly are open wide.... His are far wider than ours.

His love is deep. His love is high. His love is long...... His love is wide..... What about yours?

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