Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thoughts for Today..

The last few days have been so incredibly busy... This morning came and I found myself not wanting to leave the house. Hubby and I walk through our day together as a part of our morning time with each other. He prayed not only for me but for the women who were going to be sitting in the class with me today. He also said that he knew something really powerful was going to happen because it so often does when I am at my weakest.

This morning started the parenting Bible study in which I am facilitating this semester. There were 3 women signed up officially... That's not how many ended up being there... It was tripled with the word that 6 more are due next week. Since I knew ahead of time that two of the women who had originally signed up weren't going to be there... I didn't want them to be behind next week especially knowing their stories.. I asked the Lord for guidance on what to do today.... for and with those who would be there... The answer came and I went with it...

When class was over.... it was apparent, yet again. When I let the chains fall away... and really let Him be in total control... there is such incredible freedom. I am no expert as a parent. I have made my share of mistakes. I have asked for forgiveness from not only God but my hubby and whatever child(ren) involved.

I started the class off by sharing from my heart and had everyone go around the table and share from theirs, and the room was filled with His presence. I could have started with the DVD right when the clock ticked 9:30 a.m.

My thoughts today..... He always knows better than I do. And sometimes He uses my hubby's encouragement and prayers to help guide me.

I believe, we, as Christ-followers, are called to be of encouragement to one another.

Be of encouragement to someone today. It just might make them want to leave the house instead of going back to bed and hiding under the covers.

May He truly receive all the praise and glory!

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