Monday, September 3, 2007

Grateful Offerings.

This morning as I sit here reflecting back over the weekend... and especially Sunday.... Grateful is how I am found the most.

When walking out to the vehicle I drive on Sunday mornings... one of our sound/video guys was with me, Travman and Park. He said to me, "While I was waiting for the service to start, I was looking at everyone in the sanctuary. I looked where you normally sit and found Park immediately. I looked beside him and there you were. WOW! Can you really see all your gray hair from the sound booth." We laughed.... and I was beyond grateful. Why? It was Austin. He has started taking a class called Tech Pro that is taught by our dear Andrew.. Andrew has Austin working with him during the first two services now on Sunday mornings. He will not allow Austin to work the third service because that is when the students have Bible study classes. Andrew is truly being of encouragement to Austin in learning how to use sound/audio in ministry.... and especially in worship. Way too cool.. Thank You, Lord, for Andrew... and yes.. for Austin. Austin turns 16 on Thursday....

The four of us were talking about the morning and laughing while driving to meet some sweet friends for lunch. (Oh... the lawn pastor works some on Sunday afternoons/evenings as needed. It all depends upon whom is requesting him and their schedule as well. So.. he was not with us. Thank You, Lord, for the lawn pastor and the lawns/gardens/lives he tends to.) As I was walking through the buffet line, my face must have been tellin on me... Next thing I know.. the manager, who is a buddy of mine, said to me, "What do you want that you're not seeing?" I told him what I wanted and he brought them out to me... Three pieces of the most delicious Canadian bacon and black olive pizza I've ever eaten. When he was standing there at my table... he said to me, "If your group needs any thing at all, you let me know personally. It is always a pleasure serving anyone you're associated with." Please keep in mind here that I eat with sinners and saints alike. If you know what I mean.... And he knows that.. if they are needing extra food to take home... he always takes care of them. Thank You, Lord, for his servant's heart as well.

The sweet friends we were eating with are such tremendous blessings to our family. We have much in common and the conversations flow with ease. The head of the family is a widow... then there's her two daughters, one married and with kids.. the other single and has worked with my brother for years. Their living arrangement is similar in some ways to our own. The one daughter who is married has two teenage sons that the five of us have a blast hanging out with. Oh... One is Michael S. He shared a testimony here on the blog not long ago. Every single member of that family we've met thus far... it is like we've known them forever and a day.... Thank You, Lord, for the gift of this family. For each individual that is a part of it.....

Later in the afternoon, the phone rang.. It was one of Park's buddies... He had been gone most of the summer and now that school is back in session, he is able to hang again. While it was not originally in my plans for the afternoon/evening... saying no was not in this mom's vocabulary at that moment in time. His mom brought him over... he and Park ran inside and took up where they had left off the last time he was here... I talked with his mom for a while in the driveway.. I won't share the majority of the details... except to say this.. I'm beyond grateful for the house we live in. It is not ours as was the house before... but in so many more ways.. it is the best house we've lived in. Park and G. hung out a few hours, and then Park's dad and mom took G. to find his mom. The highly secure gated community has a celebration at the main clubhouse every holiday... that is where she was found.. G. said he enjoyed riding around with us and talking. I had not called his mom before we left the house... If I had... we would not have had to drive around looking for her. I'm thankful I didn't call first. G.'s face spoke volumes when he and I walked to where his mom was. Thank You, Lord, for plans being changed.. For G. and his family..... for friendships that come with being a child and having children.

After we had found his mom... hubby and I went to the little store... Hoover's girlfriend decided to stay at home... therefore, the woman of the house was expecting dinner. Nothing fancy mind you... We came home and he immediately started cooking everyone in the house dinner. We all sat down together and ate... the six of us... He cooked dinner? Yes, he and I take turns cooking dinner. Thank You, Lord, for a son-in-law/hubby/dad who considers it a blessing to cook for his family. I couldn't ask for him to love You more.... or us....

This morning... these are just a few of my grateful offerings..

What are you grateful for? Stop... and give an offering... of praise and thanksgiving.

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