Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Why Don't I?

The last couple of days I've been asked why don't I __________. For those who have asked or are wondering here ya go.......

1) Why don't I share the lessons I teach on Sunday mornings here on the blog? That's not what I am supposed to do at this time. That may change but not for right now.

2) Why don't I share more about the girls/women in my group? I do as I think it is appropriate for me to do so.

3) Why don't I write the book? Again...... The book isn't to be written yet. I'm good with that.

4) Why don't I share more about grief and grieving? We all express and experience these differently. I do share at times and other times silence is more golden.

5) Why don't I work for certain organizations/ministries? Because they require traveling and that is not something that my family needs right now.

Okay... Now look at your own lives and ask yourself..... Why don't I _________? Otherwise... I might have to ask you....... (read: laugh people... life is a gift)

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