Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Conversations. Laughter. Excitement.

Late this afternoon, I set out on the golf cart. There are some women and men around the highly secure gated community who I visit from time to time. Frankly? It was overdue. Here's just a tad of the adventure...

1) A wild kitty cat. She was determined that she needed to play with my foot while talking with one of her owners. It didn't stop us from having a really good heartfelt conversation.

2) A man hiding out in his home office because he couldn't come out..... Even though I was technically visiting his wife... I had a question to ask him before I left. Let's just say that I never saw his face... just heard his voice. His wife and I just laughed when we realized why he couldn't come out. He didn't have any pants/shorts in that room. That's what people get for working at home in their underwear! (And no..... I won't be sharing his name... well, except that I shared it with hubby of course.)

3) There were two men standing in a yard talking. I thought to myself that one would immediately call hubby upon seeing me drive by. Sure enough...... Good thing I was in the golf cart..... I couldn't have possibly been speeding.

4) Excitement...... Well, actually that occurred after I left the highly secure gated community this evening. Been given permission to go somewhere tomorrow and do something that I had been praying about! I know many others have been praying about it as well. Keep praying!

Speaking of prayers...... The woman of the house just returned. She drove some today and plans on driving some tomorrow too. While I enjoy being a chauffeur among the many hats I wear and am thankful to do so.... Her driving any at all is an answer to prayers. Keep praying!

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