Friday, August 24, 2007

Testimony - Daniel S.

While in Pikeville Kentucky I was given the opportunity to meet some of the friendliest people I might ever come in contact with. The people of the hills of Kentucky are not rich. By most American standards they are considered very poor. However, besides their lack of material possessions, they do not show it. It was a real blessing for me to spend a week with people who, even though they have little, live as though they have everything. We did repairs on the house of a widow named Ms. Bevins. Her house was in bad shape. The mountain was literally about to fall on it, and her patio was so rotted that a few of us fell through it at times. Yet even though she had no money or nice things, she had a smile on her face and a great attitude. Her generosity went beyond what she was even reasonably capable of giving. An example being the three meals she cooked for us even though she was not required, let alone financially able to provide anything for us. It was clear to see where her generosity came from, for just as the widow with three mites, she gave to serve her Lord. After introducing ourselves as from Texas she asked us if we were from the area that had been experiencing flooding and upon hearing that we were expressed how glad she was that we were ok and that she had been praying every day for the victims of the Texas flooding. It was amazing to see how God worked it out that before we even arrived to help Ms. Bevins she had been praying for us not knowing we were the ones who would be coming.

Daniel S.

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