Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Testimony - Krystal H

wow....its hard to sum it all up into one big story. God has done amazing things for me lately, and always had just i havent always noticed it was a good thing. Well...i have grown up in church all my life. My parents didnt have a very good childhood, and wanted to make sure that we got that experience they never did. When i went to student life camp this year, God just amazed me. He opened my eyes, and i have never felt so connected to him. I got the chance to get a lot closer to some of the youth that i never really talked to. He just spoke to my heart, and made me realize i needed to stop doing some of the things i was doing. I had a hard time for awhile with God. I was one of those people who just thought the bible was just another book, and what if all this heaven and hell stuff is just some myth people believed in? Well i got some help. My mom found some things that really helped me. I didnt want to believe that God loved me, because of all the rejection i have had in the past. But i know God loves me. Its hard each and every day to make sure I'm living my life the way i should be. Many of you know that I live at HHF. That has been a whole new struggle and experience in itself. Even though i gave MANY things up when i moved, i believe this is where i should be. I think lots of people need me here. One of the things i still struggle with is accepting that God has to test my faith. That has been the hardest thing for me. But I'm reading the bible more and more each day. I have a lot of questions, but I'm trying to figure them out still keeping in mind that I'm never going to know all the answers. God is just amazing. Mission Trip was a very good thing for me. It was fun and exciting getting to see God work through us and through the little things. For example, like when we were able to cut all the pieces of our house perfectly to fit in place. I now have a new view on "when things go bad". On mission trip, Shelley was supposed to get us vans so we could drive around and get to the places where we needed to go. But God had a different plan. One of the other churches offered to help us in that situation. They said they felt it was God's calling to drive us around. I just think to myself....if we would have had our own vans, that other church wouldn't have felt like they did what God wanted them to. Then they ended up having a whole other crew of their won to help us finish our house, and they had all the other supplies with them that we couldn't bring with us. So the job got done a lot easier, and we all thought that we weren't able to do anything. Now when something goes wrong, i just think to myself....well there is a reason this didnt turn out. God has a better thing planned. If you don't listen to God, he has this funny way of putting things in front of you until you listen to him. It takes a lot longer, but in the end you will end up doing what he asked you to in the first place, plus all the things you went through. So save yourself some hard times, and listen to God the first time he asks you to do something. He knows what hes talking about. Another thing on mission trip that was JUST AMAZING was that our whole youth group got along. We fell out of our normal "clicks" and just all had fun together. Now our youth group is ONE WHOLE. I love it! I thank God for these trips we get to have to serve him, and get closer together as a family of one. Lakeside has made me feel so much better and welcome. I never had a church like that. Youth group is a MAJOR part of my life and my heart. I don't know what i would do without you guys. I love you so much, and thanks for being there for me. I'm still learning and listening to what God has to teach me. It's fun and exciting, and I've never been so connected with God. I love him with all my heart....my complete everything. Another thing he has taught me is not to worry about who you are going to be with. He will give you someone when the time is right. True friendship is the most important of all. Be patient...don't rush into things. True love waits when the love's for real. The choice is in HIS hands....

Thank you,
Krystal H (JEREMIAH 29:11)

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