Friday, August 24, 2007

People. Life. Living. Loving.

People: Park and I saw hundreds yesterday. The contacts made, doors opened, and etc..... Not to mention the hugs from some of the little children we met through Healthy Kids. It was a great way to utilize 4 hours of a day. At one point, a man walked up to me while I was talking with a woman. I thought he wanted to speak with her. He didn't. After the woman walked away, the man said to me, "You're Larry's daughter aren't you?" He then went on to share with me about his friendship with my dad. He talked about the fact that he still misses him every single day. We hugged a couple of times. He said, "One thing I always appreciated about your dad was the initiative he took in inviting people to do things.. like play golf." He then proceeded to talk about the fact that he doesn't play much any more because no one ever really calls him to. This is where it's funny... I then said, "This is where I am like my dad was... Why don't you take the initiative yourself?" He hugged me again with huge tears in his eyes. And we both laughed. Park and I are thankful and grateful for the privilege and blessing of being a part of yesterday's huge community event.

Life: Grandma and the three grandsons that live with her went to one of the golf courses in our highly secure gated community this morning. The boys all wanted to play some golf. You should have seen the purple golf cart driving out of the driveway with the four of them. I'm not sure who was smiling more.... While there, Austin saw one of his sponsors for mission trip. They also saw several of their adult friends... Golf? I don't claim to understand the attraction to the game itself.... I do understand about the friendships that can be made as a result. Our lives are full of them from all over the US. Yet, it never really has been about golf. For those who don't know.... my parents had a golf ministry. Mom will say that she still does and the boys do too.

Living: Please make note of the names that post here. As I've stated before... different people have been and will continue to be invited to post here. These are individuals who are a part of living life in the ways in which we're connected. God is good!

Loving: Earlier the lawn pastor and I were talking about what I was going to be cooking for dinner before he headed off. He loving said to me, "You know? I think we need to invite your mom and Hoover to eat dinner with us." Hoover had surgery earlier this week.... and there's this running thing about casseroles. As a part of loving my husband, my mother and even Hoover..... I will be fixing and serving dinner to seven tonight. Actually? I think it all has more to do with the love of God.

People. Life. Living. Loving. - Do you give thanks every day for each of these?

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