Saturday, June 21, 2008

Prayer. A Date. Saying Sorry. Funny.


On Wednesday afternoon, I had the opportunity to spend some time talking with a man that encourages the heck out of me. Funny enough? This man and I have never met face to face.. yet. In that phone conversation, he and I were discussing the importance of prayer in the moments of life and living... and in serving. Late yesterday afternoon I was asked why do I take prayer so seriously. The conversation with this man came rushing back into my mind. And that was used to help share with this other individual about seeing prayers answered in ways that one simply cannot explain except with God and the power of Holy Spirit. Conversations not filled with empty words. Words that help breathe God's kindness and grace into those of others.. The effect is one of overflowing, pouring into another, and the ripple goes on and on. I believe in the power of prayer. And I am always thankful for the opportunity to share about the Hope that is only found in God.

A Date:

As we were leaving the physical church building last night, Brother G and I were talking with two teenage girls about the importance of dating even after having been together so long. Our lives have been extremely wild as of late... so, we decided to go to dinner and then for a ride out in the couuuuuuunnnntry. As I was having the pleasure of riding in the passenger seat along side of the man that I love more today than yesterday... I could not help but be taken in by the scenery and the sound of his voice as he was singing. As we returned back into town - talk about feeling refreshed and revived. We weren't gone but a couple of hours and yet they were incredibly sweet. I am blessed beyond measure to be Brother G's sister in Christ, wife, mother to his sons, and partner in ministry. That all goes back to prayer..... every single bit of it.

Saying Sorry:

Yep. I had to say I was sorry to Brother G just a few minutes ago. OUCH! Fortunately, every one who knows me knows I'm soooo not perfect anyway.. He asked if there was a new message on the answering machine last night when we returned back to the house. I said no... just assuming without checking that it was a message I left for my mom to hear. Nope... when I checked it this morning.. it was for Brother G. (Knock. Knock.) Again... that all goes back to prayer..


Parker absolutely cracks me up. As we were spending time together this morning - just the two of us... he said to me, "Well, that's obviously......." Oh, did I say, "just the two us?"

As always, you've been prayed for this moment wherever you may be.

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