Friday, June 20, 2008

Those Calls. Seen. Unseen.

Late yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call. It is a call that I've gotten several times while being here in G-town and ministering to the seen and unseen.

"Camey..... I don't have anywhere to go. Can you help me?" Each time this has been said by a young woman with a baby/child.

She was calling from a hotel room where she only has money to stay a couple of nights at the most. The shelter at this point is not an option. Rules and regulations and all that jazz.

Please pray for her and her baby. Please pray for those who will have the opportunity to invest in someone(s) they've yet to met or might possibly not ever.

I cannot begin to tell you how many individuals I talk with every single day..

Those calls.. Seen and Unseen by those around them.

Fortunately, God is God.

May she see Him like never before in those He sends their way. Whether she sees them or not.

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