Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Lawn Pastoring?

Yesterday I was told by a few individuals that they've seen Brother G mowing various lawns over the last couple of weeks or talking with the owner of that particular lawn. They were puzzled.

Why would an educated man such as Brother G spend time mowing lawns.

Why Lawn Pastoring?

Our response is: The church is not found inside the walls alone. Nor are we to only minister to those who believe and think like we do.

On Saturday, Brother G was spending time with one of the individuals he has the pleasure of being a Lawn Pastor to. It is due in part to that individual that Brother G is connected with the Carters. The Carters are not a part of a "church" currently.... They never have been. Never. Being inside the walls of a building known as a church is not a part of their vocabulary or lifestyle.

Why Lawn Pastoring?

There are individuals who have never seen The Gospel Alive and Living. Yes, even here in the USA. Grass grows, needs to be mowed, fertilized, and etc...

It really is that simple.

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