Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Waiting in the Dark. Glorious Light.

Austin had a meeting tonight for the mission trip he is going on to Philly. I finally received a call saying he'd meet me in the front circle of the highly secure gated community. So, I headed out...

There are a couple of streets that go on and on for what seems like forever. Where we lay our heads down at night can be found on such a street. As I made a turn here, a turn there, went straight - I finally arrived in the place we said we'd meet. And I waited in the dark.

Funny enough..... the headlights were just bright enough to give light to some of the activity going on around me. A mother and her fawn were walking across the street as if they had no care in the world. And yet, after living here for a few years now - I know better. Cars and deer make for strange neighbors at times. And if you hit a deer - you get a ticket and an ambulance is sent out to pick it up. I kid you not.... weird.....

As I sat there watching them - I could not help but think about the parent/child relationship. It is no secret that we have very strong bonds with our sons. The last few months we've been going through some of the wildest times ever in our lives as a family. And yet, we've only become stronger. It has only strengthened us as Parker said it would.....

Austin finally arrived in the circle and got in to the vehicle I was in. As we were driving back - he could not help but go on and on about the upcoming trip. And in a very real sense - Austin is waiting in the dark. He has never been on an airplane before. He has never been that far away without his dad being on the trip also. Philly is totally different from Kentucky where he went last summer. Is that teenager ever excited..... even with not knowing fully what to expect.

There are real lessons that can be learned while waiting in the dark... in some ways it is like learning to walk after being paralyzed. I can still remember the looks on faces as I had to look straight ahead..... I can remember the doctor and nurses saying, "Keep your head up Camey.... Don't look down. If you do - you're going to lose your footing." I was like sheer jello..... all wobbly..... And yet, I was ever so excited.... even with not knowing fully what to expect. Even with the years that followed of on/off again paralysis and the gloom and doom diagnosis that was given. There was just as much light there even when being healed completely and all these years later. And yes, in being in the best health of my forty years of life.

I'm often asked how can I look at life in the moments like I do.... simple. The Father has shown me time and time that I do not wait in the dark alone. He provides enough light.... in His Love... through His Son..... and with Spirit. Holy.... Holy.... Spirit.

The glory in this life is Him.... in Him... through Him..... and it Glorious Light!

And there is more than enough to dance with even if a toe gets stepped on in the movements or even when held in His arms.

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