Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Opportunities in Life

This morning I've been going over the G family's calendar for the next few weeks. And I cannot help but laugh again. For as much as we can make our own plans...... a lesson we've learned time and time again in life and living.

At 9:00 a.m. this morning, a man named Earl is coming to get Austin and Travis. They will be spending some quality time doing manual labor for him. Apparently there is a barn that needs cleaned out and some hay that needs to be bailed. This is definitely a new adventure for the boys. Until coming to G-town - they've been strictly city boys. We're thankful that Earl loves our family in such ways as to invest time in our sons' education and to be a man they know they can trust and look up to.

One thing that Brother G and I believe is that the moments of life are just as much as a classroom and provide opportunities for learning and development. School for our family is not some thing found on a calendar from August to May alone. It is life..... 24/7. It is noticing God... noticing others... and seizing the moments to serve.

For those who continue to ask me about the writing opportunity thingy.... I have submitted my first article after doing a complete rewrite. And while I still remain dumbfounded.... I am beyond grateful. As long as we have an Internet connection - I can write from anywhere... I'm often asked why I do not have a stat counter on this blog. It's not the number of hits that matter to me. It's being found faithful in serving The Father in the ways He provides. A part of the ministry I've been called to is encouraging others through the written word. For taking the moments of life and unwrapping them as the gifts that they are.... even cleaning toilets. Life is precious.... even the moments with pain. If one person gets encouragement..... if one person takes a step out of their comfort zone.... Priceless!

Brother G has given up some opportunities as of late. At first we thought they were due to a particular reason or two. Now, we're finding out there is more to the picture than we could have realized at the time. What all opportunities lie ahead? That remains to be seen. As his wife I am beyond grateful for how he is seizing the new ones coming his way. How he is willing to risk..... And yes, we're beyond excited to see how The Father is going to stretch us yet again.

Parker and I took some more free lunches to one of our sites yesterday afternoon. Upon getting out of the vehicle, I saw a familiar face walking up to me. Her name is Lori. She was one of the participants at a ministry I used to be on staff at a couple of years ago now. Lori hugged me and said, "Camey! I was going to call you. I passed the test!" What all else she said - I let stay between us. As we were walking up to where the food was to go... Parker said to me, "Mom? I'm glad you were one of ones that helped Lori. She used to look so sad." Talk about teachable moments. I was the education coordinator for that ministry. And yet, I can tell you without hesitation, I learned even more from the students than they did me. Seeds planted that are now growing trees that have roots. Praise God!

So, today... this moment.... I encourage you to look around your moments at the opportunities in life that The Father has presented to you.....

Are you going to keep them in the box because they look so pretty?

Or are you going to rip that bow off and discover what is inside just waiting to pop out?


M. Steve Heartsill said...

It's hard to be still long enough to hear and witness those teachable moments.

I'm glad to see you had time to do that today!

And, to continue to be a powerful witness to your children! What a great example they have in their mother!

Camey said...


Totally agree with you. That's what I pray for daily. That's what I am praying for you this moment... that is not the same though as you praying it for yourself of course..

Thank you... Funny enough? They are the ones who truly blow me away with their witness. I am privileged to be their mom. It is a responsibility I take seriously. I also have a blast with it. I like to chase them around the house tickling them.