Friday, July 11, 2008

The Onion and the Puppy.

The Onion:

"Can I step into your office?" - this is usually followed by heartache and sheer pain... and at times wells of tears pooling not sure if they can be released to flood every available space. Today's moments have included such conversations.... yet they were revolving. The individual would come and talk.... leave..... come and talk.... leave.... and so on. The layers of this onion are vast. It is a rather large onion even in the package it is wrapped in. And in the midst of the chaos that was today at the physical church building.... that did not stop the smell of each piece that was being diced up trying to decide what it was going to create.

At times an onion just needs someone to listen. Not necessarily have all the answers.. I consider it a privilege that this individual knows I am there for them. Yet, that is only a known factor because of the time invested in their life. It is like money that has been taken to the bank, deposited and growing interest. And yet, it is active as change jiggling in a pocket loose - not just merely sitting waiting for the day it will be withdrawn.

The Puppy:

It cracks me up at how often I explain this one. "The puppy" is not a small dog.... not a young dog..... normally when I say it. It can refer to a blog... but just as easily to a laptop or an article. And yes, the puppy was born yesterday. Thanks to all who have prayed about it being birthed! And have read it and sent your thoughts to me or told me in person.

More than that... it goes to show how prayers can be answered in such unexpected ways.... Who knew except The Father that the man who would ask me to consider writing with him would use the puppy too...... and funny enough..... the onion as well. I think it goes to show that The Father has a sense of humor too. I know my dear friend Steve Sjo. agrees and I am thrilled that he came knocking at my email door and invited me on another part of this continuing journey of sharing God's kindness and love with others.

In the post below I talked about being hit between the eyes. More of that is to come... as this puppy is going to show more layers of the onion and help peel them apart to create dishes that one can hopefully sink their teeth into. Maybe you'll even say, "Hey! If she can make it... any one can!"

It's okay to laugh people in the midst of being serious.

Wherever you are at this moment - you were just prayed for! And it is a sheer privilege!

Notice others. It really is as easy as pie. But please don't be square about it.

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