Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bull's Eye Conversations.

This morning I am taking an inventory of sort. Yesterday I had the privilege of spending some time with a few individuals. And are they ever making me think.

For weeks Brother G and I have been hearing about this man. We met him this past Sunday for the first time - immediate connection. Yesterday, he was at the physical church building again. As I came out into the hallway, I saw him... and it was if seeing an old friend. We hugged and hugged... and hugged some more. And then he did it - he started challenging the heck out of me. Oh, how he had me laughing. How we were laughing together.... That conversation still has me thinking.

Ishmael had a few others with him. I introduced myself to them and we talked some more about why they were there. I continued to talk with one of the men as we walked. Again, was challenged and spurred on. Hopefully, he received some encouragement from our talk as well. And yes, that conversation still has me thinking.

I came back to the highly secure gated community earlier than normal for a Wednesday. I was in need of some RQM (really quiet moments). I had spent a good amount of the day training the volunteer I have written about before. Brother G and I believe in training others to learn.... to do.... to teach... to give away... (Yes, I know that's why some think we need to be church planters!)

I wrote about the editor last week... in an email last night he told me to speak up. And I laughed and laughed. He also gave me some items to consider for the future. Again, that conversation still has me thinking.

Bull's eye conversations... It is necessary to take inventory.

To ask yourself those questions... and then actually do something with the answers.

More to come! I've been hit between the eyes. Have you?


M. Steve Heartsill said...

There are good bullseyes and then there are those that hurt terribly! But, no matter which bullseye we face, lessons are there, if we will take the time to learn from them.

I'm glad you are taking the time to reflect! Somewhere in all of that reflection, you'll find the small, still voice of God speaking your name!

Camey said...


It was a great and hurt terribly. Funny how that can happen.

Oh, The Father is speaking my name alright. Definitely more to come on what He's saying.

Appreciate you more than words!

M. Steve Heartsill said...

You are definitely in my prayers even more so now...

Please keep us informed on what the Lord is saying, as you are comfortable.