Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spiritual Warfare III - Today IS It!

The G family has been going through some of our wildest times ever the last few weeks. The Spiritual Warfare is thicker..... it is deeper.... Today IS It! I'm even more convinced of it than ever. What do I mean? Let me explain.

God's Word is clear. We are not guaranteed a tomorrow. We're not guaranteed that we will make it through the hours of today. Am I being grim? Nope. Speaking the truth.

Why must we have an urgency about today? Because our moments are not ours. For the Christ follower - we must be about our Father's Business if we are to truly follow Him. Not wait until Sunday... Saturday night... or for whenever there's a time listed on a website or in a worship folder or on a big screen. Today.

If we believe that we are the church.... then we must act like it. If we have Good News to share - we must make the most of every opportunity to share it. And by sharing it - sometimes words are necessary. Other times our actions speak much louder than any single thing we could possibly say.

Think about where you go... what you are doing... who are you crossing paths with.

Today IS It! If we were to live as if today is our last day - can you just imagine what a difference it could make? I know I can....

I am unashamed to believe in God. I am a Christ follower. His Spirit lives in me! And I know that there is nothing that compares to the Love of God. There is no one Greater than God.....

What about you?

Are you going to live today like it is your last? Or are you going to sit by and say, "It can wait until tomorrow?"

His Word is Alive! Not dead.

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