Thursday, May 29, 2008

Leaping. Going Froggy!

Last night I had the incredible opportunity to share some about what is going on with the G family currently with a few close friends.. individuals who are a part of our family due to God's amazing grace and love. And while I cannot share as much here yet as I did with them - I can share this....

Back in April, I was contacted about doing some writing. At first I was blown away - it moved me to tears. Fear stepped in shortly after and held me for a bit. There's a difference between writing on one's little blog (and other places) and the type of writing that was inquired about doing. The person who was inquiring actually wrote one of my all time favorite books. A book that to this day has had a lasting impact on my life and how I live it. It also influenced my dad, Austin, Micky and numerous others.

Within the last few days - this person came knocking again. And I am leaping. Going Froggy! It's a strange time to start this type of adventure given all else going on in our lives. If it made total sense - would it really take a leap? Faith? I'm SOOOOO not capable of this on my own.

So.... I ask that you pray for me and the rest of the G family. (And for the one who asked me. lol)

And to answer a question that was asked of me last night, "Does it have any thing to do with Evangelism?" Yep. It does. And discipleship....

A Leap Frog for God


Kevin Bussey said...

Great news!

Camey said...

Thanks Kevin! And thanks for praying too.

Jeff said...

That is awesome news. Keep your head up and don't focus on the waves.

Camey said...


your encouragement the last few days has been like refreshing rain.

and we get to see you manana! Talk about being jazzed!