Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Smashed Cell. A Broken Heart.

Our life is stranger than fiction I'm often told. And today, that especially rings true. A part of our time here has included the pool that is connected with the main clubhouse inside the highly secure gated community. I'm often teased for having a pool ministry. I'll take that.... especially this moment.

As I went into what's referred to as the "Teen Room" to order food for lunch.... she was behind the counter. She has served me a couple of times before recently. Each time - talking about more than just Gatorade's in different colors please. A teenage boy who is like one of my own was working as well. We chatted back and forth. As he was cooking our chicken tenders - she told me that he was trying to fix her cell phone. She then showed it to me.... A smashed cell phone.. it clearly had met some one's fist.

She turned away for a moment and I asked, "What happened to it?" She replied, "That's what happens when he drinks. My husband that is." She then continued to speak with more than just mere words. Her broken heart clearly evident. Then suddenly, she pointed to a little girl walking around the Teen Room and said, "My little boy is about that size and he's just nine months old." While there was a smile of a mother's love for her child - there was still the cry of the broken heart.

She has a tattoo on her arm that reads, "No Fear."

Her words, body language and cell phone speak otherwise.

Please pray for her, her husband and their child. Also for those who are connected in whatever ways....

Take time to notice others. Be willing to get involved.

Jesus is the Ultimate Thirst Quencher.

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