Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Carters. More Than A Lawn.

Please pray for Mr. and Mrs. Carter. As the Lawn Pastor was spending time with Mr. Carter yesterday - he learned that Mrs. Carter is not expected to make it through the summer. She is currently in a 24-hour care facility. Mr. Carter goes to see her every single day.

The Lawn Pastor (aka hubby - Brother G) spent some quality time with Mr. Carter last night after taking care of their property. Needless to say - it is no surprise - nor coincidence that one of Mr. Carter's literal neighbors put him in contact with the Lawn Pastor back a few weeks ago now.

Mr. Carter told the Lawn Pastor that they are not connected with any church. This is about more than a lawn.

It is about real life and certain death.

While you're praying for the Carters and the Lawn Pastor too... Ask God to help you think about your neighbors... And then DO!

It's not enough just to talk about it when one can actually do something too!

It is about real life and certain death.

Are you willing to die to self this moment?

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